We hope you find the information listed in our horses extended pedigrees as interesting and enjoyable as we have.
They are by no means yet complete but are still quite extensive.
Thank you for your time & interest.

There is NO "Impressive" or "Doc Bar" in our program.

Many genetic diseases are still being passed down from as early as the 1930's, maybe even earlier.
As breeders we want to keep our genetics strong, correct and free from disease. 
It is for that reason we are in the process of 5 Panel Testing all our breeding stock, not just the stallions.
Results will be posted.
As we breed NO "Impressive" in our lines, our horses are N/N HYPP.

In the beginning, the Quarter Horses weren't very pretty but they were tough & gentle. Time has prettied up the breed but we have lost so much in the way of mind, bone and foot. Slickfork Ranch's breeding program is superior from to conformation to performance. Form to function is a priority. We work hard to reproduce only the best of the Quarter Horse characteristics.

The modern Quarter Horse has been manipulated as a breed so much that we have forgotten what the original Quarter Horse is all about. 
Registries, by permitting other breeds, are slowly removing the original Quarter Horse

type characteristics, many exhibiting far too many Thoroughbred traits.
A lot of todays registered Quarter Horses can carry as much as 90% modern TB blood.




We have great respect for the Jockey Club & the Thoroughbred registry,
they are one of the purest breeds!

We have made a difficult decision and have decided to sell our last 4 mares and step away from the breeding industry. Thank you to all our past customers. Please see the Broodmare page for details.

            Op & Gina Lloyd

Also, Smokin' Britches has suspended their Club for the 2018 season. Further details will follow after our 2019 February AGM.

~Not only does our program maintain strict standards on pedigrees, our horses need to be true in type, ability & personality. They also need to be consistent in passing these qualities to their offspring.

~This style of horse may be a little slower in physically maturing, but it's natures way of settling everything into place the way it should be. We always breed for sound conformation as well as preserving the blood of the original legends of the Quarter Horse breed.

~Foundation genetics doesn't end at 5 generations. The results of foundation breeding past 6, 7, 8 or more generations is an important factor in todays true Quarter Horse. Slickfork Ranch has some of the oldest foundation quarter horse bloodlines in history, many dating back to the 1800's. 

~Besides being built to last, they are honest, hard working, patient & brave. We believe the real foundation quarter horse is the ultimate in equine partnerships. Their minds and work ethic are second to none. The versatility, strength, speed and athleticism they possess is amazing. Treat yourself to a truly unique experience and purchase one of the best prospects you may ever own.

Our foundation percentages are based on the
National Foundation Quarter Horse Association (NFQHA) guidelines.
The strictest foundation formula in calculating the percentage of purest quarter horse blood.
Purer Quarter Horses can only be found through the
Steel Dust Horse Association.
They allow NO Thoroughbred after 1939.
Thus eliminating the notorious right front club foot